Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance


Sitting on the seat of your small or medium sized business office, have you ever found yourself obsessed with the work yet to be done? Do you have to perform all business responsibilities alone with the undone stuff scattered all around? Are there too many tasks draining your energies with the less focus on the most important business activities? Administering all business affairs in person is really hectic and you find yourself divided into many sections. Understanding you, we have extended our assistance to you to whole-heartedly perform your core activities leaving all digitized work on the shoulders of our skilled staff. Our Virtual Assistance will help you online and you will be sharing your online work with us.

Our Virtual Office Assistant or Virtual Personal Assistants will help you in your administrative tasks. It will sort out the long list of your activities and our services in a wide range of skills will meet your needs the way you ask for. Your concentration on primary business activities will bring forth more productivity ultimately bringing the desired success.

As small business owner, you have to manage all business functions and definitely you have no or less time to pay attention to marketing of your business. Without marketing, no business stands anywhere. We will take hold of online marketing on your behalf while you will be working on your focused areas. Likewise bookkeeping requires devoted time from you. Our virtual assistant is there to serve you as virtual bookkeeper or administrator working for you.

We understand that your small business cannot afford separate departments of marketing, accounting, and administration though you need these functions for successful running of your business. You do not need to hire separate personnel for these jobs as employees hired for brick and mortar jobs lead to increased expenses. Working virtually with us can save your costs on salaries and infrastructures of these functions in your company. Our virtual team will be responsible for all these duties in a more efficient, professional and desired way. Thus, we will be saving your hard-earned money.

Our Virtual Assistant Service will benefit you with:

1. No Costs on Employee Recruitment

2. No Costs on Office Infrastructure

3. No Pay Roll Compensation/Salary

4. No Provident Fund (PF) Pay Out

5. No Bonus Pay

6. No Leave Travel Compensation

7. No Superannuation or Retirement Benefits

8. No Insurance Pay Out

We take the handle of your business with care and leave you free of tensions to attend to your core responsibilities. We appoint an assistant with you to support you where you need in business. Our virtual teams are highly skilled, efficient, trustworthy, and dedicated to suit and best fit your business scenario. They are flexible enough to customize your business requirements in the given situation.

Our Virtual Assistants Can Do:

  • – Real Estate Support
  • – Data Entry / Data Mining
  • – Online Research
  • – Document Formatting
  • – Presentations (PPTs)
  • – Website Content Management
  • – Order Processing
  • – Ads Posting
  • – Billing & Invoicing
  • – Email and Chat Support
  • – Survey Coordination
  • – Calendar Management
  • – SEO
  • – Social Media Management
  • – Graphic Designing
  • – Corporate Identity
  • – Brochure Design
  • – Flow Charting
  • – Project Management
  • – Email Marketing
  • – Lead Generation
  • – Online Meeting Support
  • – Travel Arrangements
  • – Online Shopping



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