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Have you ever thought, what really made the difference that your customers place their order with you or hire you or simply signup with you for your services?
What was the actual reason behind it? Was it your great use of technology? possibly. You’ve always been a good salesperson. You use the latest mobile apps to keep track of your activities and forecast your sales. That’s all good. In fact it’s what estimated of a business owner or salesperson nowadays. And it helped you make the sale. But it didn’t seal the deal.

Was it your responsiveness? Maybe. You’re always checking your email and voicemails and getting back to your customer and scenario rapidly. You’re never late to an appointment. You even have some automated alerts on your calendar to remind you to make an important call or follow up on a question. No one can accuse you of not caring or blowing them off. You are responsive. And that contributed to landing the client, to an extent.
Perhaps it was the great marketing. You have a nice site. Send newsletters every month or so the advertising of their products and services and give you advice. You have the client connections to the database. You have a Facebook page and pay a portion of the clock monitor him. You have to pay a lot of money on online ads, mobile, or write in your community. You try to take part in several markets, where to send samples and brochures. Yes, marketing is not that unhappy. It could be better, of course, but it is no different from the others. I think that helped draw attention to the new client. But that’s not the reason that I bought from you.

So, it was just their technology, reactions, or marketing. What was it? It was the reason why the client actually bought your product or service?

That’s because I got in the car and I drove an hour and 15 minutes or boarded the plane, his place. He spent time with him face to face. You’ve heard of their problems. Some of the recommendations. Mention it to anyone on the Web, because I need your help. You have shown the care. shook hands and promised to come back. I will keep that promise.

And another e-mail or talk with him when he came back to the Office, not from a foreign person. It goes from you: a real man with a face, a name, personality and vacation in Disney, which continues to bear fruit.

Technology, marketing, social media, warning and alarm systems. In the coming year will be a 3D printing drones, and invisible sensors and smartphones will help us sell more products.

But don’t let anyone tell you that these things are replaced with a good old old fashioned get together, or a combination of the sale of the sandwich. You sell more products and attract more customers by making the effort to meet face to face. You are the most powerful tool you have, and that will never change.


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