Serious Harms to sit for long on your Working Desk

Hire our Virtual Assistants to Avoid Getting Harms of Sitting long

Hire our Virtual Assistants to Avoid Getting Harms of Sitting long

Despite the fact that nowadays we have a lot of ergonomic products and workplace offerings, still many of us have to sit for hours and hours onto the desks. This usually happens with the people with office jobs or kind of freelancing, which involve sitting onto a chair and working the day whole. Isn’t it boring? If you feel that you are one of those many people who have already done a lot of damage to their bodies, then its time for you to change your sitting habits. The research has proved that those who sit for long onto their working desks can develop a lot of health complications, such as;


1. Low level of Stamina:

I know its quite tough for you to keep up the stamina when you already have spent a lot of time on work, but sitting on the desk for this much extended time can lead you develop low level stamina problems. It might also bring you to a stage of Termogenisis (a disorder with low energy and working capacity).

2. Metabolic Abnormalities

Sitting onto the desk for hours and hours leads you have decreased muscle contraction. This accompanies low metabolism in the body and the circulation of the blood also gets disturbed. In short we can say it increases the chances of metabolic abnormalities in your body.

3. Pelvic and Lumbar problems

Sitting onto the desk causes the pelvis and lumbar body discs to rotate in an abnormal way, ultimately their real natural structure and functioning capacities get damaged.

4. Spine Injury and Back pain

Many of the times when you sit for long onto the chair and then try to change your position, you feel tiredness in your back and spinal cord. Isn’t it? Yes definitely it so happens because of the low or zero activity of the spinal, which ultimately results in the spinal injury or back pain problems.

5. Lesser Social Activities

A person who remains occupied with his files or computer and works for long can not develop good social circle. Interaction and communication with the friends and relatives is something he always misses. This leads him develop stress and anxiety like problems as he becomes lesser social and more psychological person.

6. Increased rate of Depression and feel of being alone

Hire Virtual Assistants to Avoid Harms Sitting long

Definitely if you will cut your connection with the outside world then soon a time will come when you are going to feel all alone. This becomes a reason of increased mental depression. It also gives birth to the case of developing negative habits or thoughts.

7. Chronic Disorder

The chances of chronic disorder development increase if you sit in an inadequate posture for many hours. So the best option is to either change your posture or be ready to have serious chronic disorder. I am sure the second option is not going to be acceptable, so make sure you sit in a relaxed and comfortable posture so that your body feels no extra burden during the working hours.

Hire Virtual Assistants to Avoid Harms Sitting long - systemsjunction

If you want to save yourself from these kinds of harms to sit for long hours on your working desk yet want your all tasks done properly, you can hire our Virtual Assistants for any type of work mentioned on our Virtual Assistant Services page.

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