Richard Branson: Knowing When to Quit Your Day Job

Q: I am doing very well at my day job, and I also run a small business. With more time, effort and investment, I think my business could be extremely successful, but this would need that I leave my job. How do you know when it’s the right time to take an entrepreneurial jump of confidence? – Nhuris

Richard Branson: Knowing When to Quit Your Day Job

Almost everyone has some sort of entrepreneurial spirit, and with it the ability to handle your own business. But the life of an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Many people choose instead to put their talents to work for someone else, innovation as intrapreneurs. For other work in another is never an option, and so shall start at the beginning of launching your own ventures.

Nhuri is one of those people has to choose between Intrapreneurship and entrepreneurial culture: knowing more, I can point out that it’s clear you have great confidence in your business, then sooner or later you will need to give it a go full-time. If you fail to do this, you will spend the rest of your life wondering what could have been.

It’s true that an entrepreneur must take a leap of faith at the time. Although it may seem scary, is the key to making sure that you have a parachute.

The first stage of preparation to quit your job is scheduled to run (or in Nhuris cases, its expansion), thinking through everything with the type of location that you want to the Office of how you want your product to look at the shelves. You need to work out how many errors in the plan, as much as you can ahead of time–and an eye on the clock. If you take too long, it may change the conditions of changing markets, that Miss their opening.

Make sure the main directions in its work plan well and sort the information, you need to connect with some powerful mentors. In order to have research your ideas will be invaluable and will help you make the transition from a part-time entrepreneur human activities more smoothly.

Nhuri is the situation reminds me of the day, Brett Godfrey, a member of the economic team at Virgin Express, our European short-haul operations, walked me the idea to launch the Virgin Airlines in Australia. Brett presented its plan, offered my thoughts, and together we coded information on the back of a beer mat. Soon we were on the way to creating the next Virgin, with Brett at the helm as President of Virgin Blue, Virgin, as one of its investors and I, as its founder and mentor.

Although blue had few aircraft when it began operations in 2000, rose Brett Airlines (now known as Virgin Australia) into a thriving business. Brett and friends-we have Makepeace Iceland: Australia’s Sunshine Coast time-and his business career has gone from strength to.

Mentors will also be people who would like to for advice and help when things don’t go according to plan. And you can be sure that something does not go according to plan, even if it is half the fun. The decision-making process can be more difficult when a bad connection can make the difference between your being able to pay your bills (and employees) or not. With a strong network of people who have experience and know-how, you’re more likely to make better choices.

Before the company will be the only source of income, you need to make sure that you have protected the downside. You may need to provide financial support from investors, or maybe the company requires you to take on partners, who have the power to give it the best possible start. Regardless of the type of business they want to run, you should think about the consequences if it is slow to take off, or even fail, and do what you can to minimize this possibility. If you are able to put together a contingency plan that will help you further with confidence.

When planning and network and find financing, keep in mind that closes the window of opportunity-at some point, you just need to go for it. All of this, what is left to do is the tariff system day job and be your own boss.

Be brave: After planning, now is the time to have confidence in your idea and believe in yourself and your team. Best of luck!

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