Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

Pay Per Click Services
Opening any Google page, have you ever noticed the list of ads appearing on the right side of that Page? They are Pay per Click Ads by the companies and are accessed by the majority of users. It is a cost effective method to advertise and you pay when a viewer clicks those Ads and reaches the landing page of your website. Systems junction has extended its services for Pay per Click Ads or Google Adwords for the companies.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is wonderful marketing technique that is used to increase the number of traffic on a website. The marketers place their text advert on the relevant pages of Google and Google puts them according to their bidding which means the highest bidder marketer gets the highest place on the page. The marketers pay when a visitor clicks on that advert and reaches the landing page of website desired by the marketer.

What is Pay Per Click

Why PPC?

PPC is one of the most effective ways to increase lead generation that ultimately goes to increased revenue for your business.
Pay Per Click campaign brings results more quickly than traditional SEO or Link Building. Traditional and organic SEO and link building are slow and generally it takes long to get Page Rank in Google while PPC makes it easier to get the desired traffic instantly.
A PPC advert hits the targeted traffic. Catering the market having those customers who are interested in buying your product or service is exactly what you need.
You are the master of PPC advert and can make changes whenever needed.

What we offer you?

We are offering all what you need under one roof:

  • -A pay-per-click consultant for PPC campaign management
  • -Relevant keyword research
  • -Competitive analysis
  • -PPC Account set-up
  • -PPC campaign management
  • -Analysis of titles of the posts
  • -Landing pages for each keyword
  • -Descriptions for PPC Ads
  • -Ad Networking on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing etc
  • -ontinuous monitoring & optimization

Our Pay Per Click Services

We are supplementing your online presence through our PPC services and your website is appearing higher in the search terms of the users. The viewers find what they search for in search engine and your keywords appear before them because they match the search keywords of the users. Thus we match your web pages with the queries of the customers looking for their desired product or service. Though it is not marketing of your business but still marketing intentions are embedded into PPC advert.

Our Pay Per Click Services

Systems Junction has a team of PPC experts with their relevant experience and they are updated in their knowledge and skills. Our PPC services are as under:

  • – Optimizing PPC Landing Pages
  • – PPC chapter of eMarketing Textbook
  • – Interesting PPC Articles
  • – Blog Posts

How It Works

PPC is not a simple process. There are many variables that contribute to the success of PPC campaign. For example:

  • Keyword Selection

Selection of keywords is the very first step in a PPC campaign which means selecting the words your customers are searching their desired product or service you are offering them. Knowing their search terms is helpful to provide them what they want. Matching the search terms with your company advert accelerates the number of visitors.

After analyzing and deciding keywords, the next step is to take out the most searched terms and then intensity of competitiveness of these search terms decides the price of an advert in the search engines’ visibility.

  • Fixing of Budget

A fixed amount in your budget is required to be allocated to PPC advert campaign according to the minimum set criterion of search engine.

  • Creating Advert

After keyword selection and confirming the amount fixed in budget, an advert is created according to the restrictions by the search engines.

  • Bid Placement

Placing the advert highest on the web pages means highest in search results and having the maximum number of customers. So the marketers are desired to pay more to increase their visibility in the search engines. It increases the value of the company and number of customers both.

  • Campaign Review

PPC campaign enables companies to measure and monitor their advert and its results. They keep a record of when a customer clicks on their Advert, how many pages he navigated, and what his reaction in terms of sales was. Also they can track if he signed up for newsletter or enquired any contact details.

  • Monitoring of PPC

PPC is a very cost-effective method of increasing your website visibility and it is easy for the company to monitor the whole campaign through detailed analysis. Individual keyword can be evaluated to track the responses of customers. It helps filtering the most valuable keywords while removing or rephrasing the unnecessary keywords.

Our PPC Evaluation Services

If you are looking for a Pay Per Click campaign for your newly established or already running business, Systems Junction steps forward to welcome you with its dedicated efforts to help you get evaluation services. At every stage of PPC process, we involve our clients to get in touch with every keyword searched by the customer. The evaluation services offered by us are:

  • – Overview of your current position
  • – Evaluation of your keyword targeting
  • – Keyword research
  • – Analytic reports
  • – Competitive analysis
  • – Ad content review
  • – Optimization of the whole PPC process
  • – Recommendations for any change
  • – Pay Per Click helps you reach your destination of online success in a short span of time.
  • – You are in full hold of your PPC campaign.
  • – You protect your brand with increased visibility on search engines.

Advantages of PPC

Why us?
The PPC expert team of Systems Junction believes only in quality results. We provide all PPC services under one roof that saves your cost.
With our expertise and skill, we offer targeted advertising services with no compromise on quality.
Trust of our customers is our pride.
We keep you involved from the keyword selection to the evaluation stage. Regular performance review of the campaign keeps our clients satisfied.
We keep the PPC campaign process updated at regular intervals.
We say yes to you at any level of consultancy and do not leave you alone at any stage.
We benchmark only the satisfaction of our clients.


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