It Really Doesn’t Work If You Start With Cheap Rates

It Really Doesn't Work If You Start With Cheap Rates - Systems JunctionSystems Junction: While searching a plot of route for Virtual Assistants I found a common trap usually enormous Virtual Assistants comes under. At some extant I found myself trapped in this plot and will surely recommend YOU all too to completely avoid this. Really want to know what is that actually?? That is the Idea to start working on Low rates and to assume to raise them later. Usually while starting a new business, we are highly fraught by the thought to have more and more clients as early as possible with consideration that offering low rates and bottomless discount offers will ultimately attract the clients and by the time when we got more experience in our interpersonal skills and abilities we will surely for increasing rates. I can assure you, if YOU think so, it will not work at all. Let me explain you why:

Do You Think it’s easy to Increase Rates for existing Clients?

You have to agree with me that once you signed a contract at whatever rate it is almost impossible to change them later as its highly unprofessional and unethical too. Did you think ever what will you say to client? Will Hey Client, I am going to offer you incredible new rates which are more than the previous? How could it be incredible?? You have to accept it that it is not gonna happen ever.

How About the further referrals??

Yup – You are thinking right and in exact direction. Obviously the first few clients are going to tell their associates that how less rate you are offering to provide excellent services. It might be possible most of them will call you to have the same services at same rated you are offering o previous clients. Can you see the effect of thinking to take start with low rates? It’s not a short term loss but a continuous one. Indeed, it is a full time practice to pay regular dues.

Do you really think, Clients attracting By Low Rate Can Pay you for Long Term?It Really Doesn't Work If You Start With Cheap Rates

You don’t need to take its personal at all, it’s a little harsh but unfortunately true too. Always, you can see the clients seeking for quality work are ready to pay as much as you want, just because they know the worth of quality work. While on the other hand, the clients seeking for low rates probably are not much concerned about quality of work and just remain happy by your low rates. And so you can manage to work with them too as they are not concerned about what you are giving them. But did you think what will happen if you get a client, who is expecting high quality work in cheep rates. Can you even imagine working for such client forever?? Obviously not! As they are not just going to take work at cheep rates but they must nickel-and-dime you throughout the working era. So it’s now all up to YOU that you really want to make a bargaining platform or highly professional one. You are VA, so believe yourself and be confident about you SKILLS and ABILITIES that makes you Prominent in VA world.

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