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The demand of iPhone Applications has a tremendous increase in the last couple of years as the number of downloads from the Apple App Store is exceeding 25 billion. The apps have reached a huge figure of 700,000 that is said to be the highest. Since iPhone applications are attractive to look at and are easy to use, they are getting popularity in the users with every passing day. iPhone applications are highly technical and it is complicated to develop them and submit to the app store.

Systems Junction has responded to the needs and demands of the users of iPhone. We are not only developing iPhone apps for you according to iOS design guidelines making it aesthetically pleasant and up to your desires. Thus we are reading your feelings, understanding your needs, and developing apps what you want on your iPhone.

Most popular iPhone Apps

Since the launch of iPhone by Steve Jobs in 2007, the world has seen its popularity. The features getting popular in the users are games, social networking, entertainment, and GPS navigation.

Whether you are looking for games on your iPhone or you are fond of pastime and entertainment or you want social media for your networking, let us know. We are shaping your dreams transforming your ideas and imagination into reality translating your imaginations.

We are feeling the pulse of the day and offering our solutions to the most popular iPhone apps:

1. Games Apps

Games are one of the most used apps in the iPhone users. That is why; we have extended special concentration on games. Our iPhone game developers are designing apps even for the latest iPhone 4S. You can get your custom gaming application development and other services with us.

2. GPS locator

Our developers are skilled in iPhone apps with GPS locator. These apps are available in hundreds but the most used are compatible GPS.

3. Social Networking Apps

Majority of iPhones desires social networking apps on their iPhone to keep themselves in contact with their social community. Our developers are working on these apps including the most popular media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, MySpace and Linkedin etc. Thus we are helping you in getting and staying close to your dear ones.

Applications on an iPhone

The iPhone has many exciting personal and business applications like:

  • – Dynamic Bluetooth
  • – Email
  • – Web Browsing
  • – Audio and Video Recording
  • – Games
  • – Maps
  • – Multiple SMS
  • – High Resolution of images
  • – Touch Screen
  • – Wi-Fi Connectivity

iPhone Services

With Systems Junction you can avail the services as under:

  • – Mobile web development services
  • – Software Support and Maintenance
  • – Augmented Reality app services
  • – Widget development services
  • – Porting and migration
  • – Software QA and testing services
  • – Custom application development services

iPhone features and Technologies

Our developers are skilled with rich experience on iPhone application development using iPhone and iPhone-related technologies. They are competent enough to work on the built-in features in iPhone including Accelerometer, multi-touch, global positioning system, animations etc. They are working on:

  • – iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch
  • – Web services/Soap/XML
  • – LBS (Location Based Services)
  • – Multi-touch (tap, flick and pinch)
  • – GPS /location
  • – Accelerometer
  • – SQLLite, Core Animation, XML/HTTP
  • – IMPS (Wireless Village 1.3)
  • – Core images
  • – PDF rendering
  • – OpenAL
  • – Objective-C (obj-C), Xcode
  • – OpenGL ES
  • – Core Audio
  • – Quicktime-based media player
  • – Video playback
  • – Core Animation

Systems we are good at:

Seeing the market and the latest trends along with the demand of users, we have focused on all systems which are in vogue and are necessary on an iPhone. We know what iPhone needs when used in business. Also we are aware what our iPhone users expect from us. So we are

  • – Lifestyle and entertainment systems
  • – Social networking/interaction systems
  • – Mobile enterprise business systems (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics CRM)
  • – Internet-enabled systems (e.g. employment or job portals for companies or individuals)
  • – E-prescription (e-Rx) systems
  • – Productivity tools and systems
  • – Scheduling systems
  • – Training and evaluation systems
  • – Gaming Systems
  • – Entertainment systems

Industries we cater:

Systems Junction covers a broad range of industries and we are proud to have our programmers who have proficiency in developing widgets and applications for our valued clients in the areas of:

  • – Entertainment
  • – Internet/Web
  • – Literature of Children
  • – Education/E-Learning
  • – Employment
  • – Lifestyle
  • – Real Estate
  • – Healthcare
  • – Others

Why Systems Junction?

We know that our competitors are doing good job in iPhone apps development but we have committed to excel with our core competency we are offering you:

  • – In-depth knowledge of our developers helps them build iPhone applications that are feature-rich and user-friendly. Their experience and dedicated work in the relevant domain brings good name for us.
  • – Our up to date knowledge on the latest apps and users’ preferences and likes on iPhone keeps us near your heart and we translate your dreams and perceptions to reality that is aesthetic.
  • – With us you will be able to avail all what you need and desire on your iPhone apps development. We accompany you from the concept to the launch. We welcome you at any stage you need us.
  • – Our promptness is what we offer you to get all apps as soon as possible.
  • – We offer high quality at reasonable prices and solve your apps development without making it heavy for your budget.
  • – With us you can avail all apps at one place which saves not only your precious time but money too.

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