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Your business and everyone else is vying for their share of Internet space where they can be more visible. Between years 2000 to 2009, global internet usage grew from roughly 361 million users to 1.67 billion users at a CAGR of 18.5%1 . Even with this high growth rate, global penetration is only 24.7% (users as a percentage of total global population). Given these facts, it can be concluded that the high growth rate will sustain for some time to come.


E-Commerce is projected to be around $320B by 2010 which is 13% of total US sales (Forrester Research). Add to this the wide spread acceptance and use of mobile devices, users are now connected to the World Wide Web on a 24 x 7 basis. Therefore, no business can afford to underestimate internet as a marketing channel. We can help your business be on the map and capture its fair share.

SEO Services

A Website is essential for any/every business in today’s world as it has turn into a virtual/global family but having a SEO friendly website is a key to growth of the company and to generate clients and revenues. Research illustrates that the maximum number of visitors come through Search engines on any/every website when looking for research, products and information, which means positioning your company on the first result page (SERPs) of the Search Engine is crucial/vital for competing with your competitors.

SEO Services

To be one of the first researched/looked company website is a critical method done by the appropriate efforts and by exercising the methods of Globalmarketing analysis, research and study of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly ‘Key words’.

Small Business e-Marketing Services

Every Business deserves the chance to achieve greater visibility in Search Results, Social Media and throughout the World Wide Web and to exploit every Hidden Opportunity to Multiply Traffic and Convert it into Recurring Revenue.

Online Marketing For Small Business



  • – Search engine Optimization (SEO)
  • – Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • – Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • – Display Advertising
  • – Web Content Development

Personal Branding

When it comes to achieving career success, you are your own secret weapon. In many ways, entrepreneurs ARE their company (think of Steve Jobs, whose “think different” mentality gave us Apple). And you’ve got what no other business has: you. Which is why Systems Junction’s Personal Branding consulting service focuses on what makes you, your brand, and your company unique.

Personal Branding



  • – Understand Your Personal Brand
  • – Create a Personalized Marketing Strategy
  • – Build an Online Identity

Social Media Management/Marketing

Advantages of social media marketing


Social Media

Maintaining online presence through regular social media marketing updates.
Building a community of members or “followers” either existing or prospective customers.
Encourage members to post reviews or positive feedback encouraging others to enquire about the company.
Create leads and business through information about services or products through social media marketing.
Details of promotions, competitions or expanded producted ranges/services.

Contact information and direct links to website can also be pushed through the use of social media marketing.
Having a social media presence gives the impression that a company is modern and dynamic.
Actively seek to increase membership, attempting to drive new business to the main site through gaining new “friends” and “likes”.

Pay Per Click Services

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PPC or Pay Per Click services and campaigns are the quickest ways to get in front of the hundreds of thousands potential customers daily. PPC search engine marketing campaign, if handled proficiently, not only saves you loads of money but also significantly increases your ROI.
Systems Junction offers Pay Per Click (PPC) Services at very affordable rates that let you run your PPC accounts successfully. Our PPC professionals have years of experience in running PPC campaigns and thereby; they ensure that your message reaches to the largest possible potential customers the way you always wanted.

Link Building Services

More than 85% of smart webmasters pay a substantial portion of their hard earned money on hiring professional Link Building Services because they know that this is the only way to build high quality links to their websites and subsequently rank higher on Search Engines.

Link Building

Link Building Services are crucial to your online business success because approximately 80 – 90% of the search ranking is based on the link building strategy. Quality links determine your website ranking on all search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing, but you need to make sure that you hire professional Link Building Services that provide only quality links.

Content Writing Services

Systems Junction offers top notch quality and highly professional Content Writing Services at budget friendly rates. We provide Content Writing Services keeping our clients and their business in mind.

Content Writing Services

At Systems Junction, our experienced and highly skilled content writers use words as a mean of communication and convey ideas and emotions in a way that it attracts potential customers.

Content Writing Service

In the business world, saying right words at the right time helps you get the deal. Based on how and when the words are used, they can be the deal maker or breaker for you.

How We Do It

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We start with the architecture of the website to create a pleasant customer experience that enables them to find “relevant” information quicker. Our websites are well thought through with extensive input from our customers, allowing seamless and easy browsing to the “inner” pages where the real content resides. Your website layout, structure and info should pique your customer’s interest.

Marketing Strategies

To market your website we use strategies such as Search Marketing (both PPC and SEO), Blog/Article Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Referral/Affiliate Marketing that enable businesses increasing their marketing reach and effectiveness. Use of follow-up marketing tools such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system enables businesses implement relationship Marketing.

Advance Monitoring Tools

Together these strategies form an information web that is fed to potential visitors, surfing the information highway, on an on-going basis. Advanced monitoring and reporting tools such as web-analytics offer marketing campaign insight that is used as feedback to fine tune the campaign. All together, these pieces form a marketing management system that helps businesses optimize their online marketing efforts.

Marketing Activities

It should be understood that the Internet Marketing Campaign must be part of the ongoing marketing activities. Just like traditional marketing, it requires an understanding of the target market; shotgun approach will not bear long-term results.

Scope and Dependencies

It should be understood that the Internet Marketing Campaign must be part of the ongoing marketing activities.
Help Thumb
It should be understood that the Internet Marketing Campaign must be part of the ongoing marketing activities. Just like traditional marketing, it requires an understanding of the target market; shotgun approach will not bear long-term results. We advise clients on how to formulate their online marketing strategies and in some cases we implement those strategies and provide on-going support.
Our lower cost structure enables us to perform Internet Marketing activities at a much lower cost than was otherwise possible.

Internet Marketing

Do you want to see your website on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines? Have you started your business or you are owning an already running premises? In both cases, we are marketing your product or service through our Internet marketing services. Will you allow us to contribute to your success on line?
It would not be wrong to say that it is the age of Internet Marketing as the globe has turned virtual and only those can survive who fit themselves into the Internet world. So the Survival of the Fittest has been redefined by the new age that is, certainly, the age of Internet. without impressive Internet marketing, every business is incomplete and is feared to end up in failure.

What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is referred to the techniques that are used to market any business. You convey your message to your audience that you are offering a product or service to them. Since Internet has no frontiers and you have the whole world as your target market, it leads to the growth of your business because the customers from all over the world access what you offer them. Sitting in one corner of the world, you can approach every market around the globe.

Purpose of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing aims at:

  • Increasing visibility of your online presence across frontiers.
  • Targeting the customers wherever they are.
  • Converting the number of viewers into potential buyers.
  • Growing your business and creating new leads
  • Increasing revenue
  • Developing and maintaining a good customer-business relationship
  • Internet Marketing with us

Systems Junction feels the pulse of the running time and offers its extensive solutions for businesses that want to increase their online presence. Methods of Internet Marketing we use to spread the thread of your business are:

  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Promotion of your website
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Price Comparison
  • SEM Services
  • AdWords Management
  • AdWords Campaigns
  • Google Shopping Feeds
  • PPC Advertising
  • SEO Training Courses

We have the pride of earning a brand name in the market with our services. The wide range of our Internet Marketing services include search engine optimization, keyword analysis and research, sitemap building, and local Internet marketing. With our dedicated efforts and consistency of results for the clients, we have covered all areas of businesses. With us you can multiply the number of your customers. Our strategies for Internet marketing are effective and result-oriented and we can make your website stand out through social media including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google +, and other platforms. Our videos can introduce you to the new markets with new customers.

Advantages of Internet Marketing

  • It builds your brand.
  • Search engines show you on top of the search results that increase your website rank.
  • You get a competitive advantage over your rivals through coming on top.
  • Social Media platforms keep the customers aware and updated of what you are offering them.
  • you get feedback of customers on Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, G+, MySpace, and others.
  • Involvement of customers help you improve your product or service that leads to the positive results in the end.

The areas we cover

Systems Junction provides you a wide range of Internet Marketing starting from SEO consultancy to search engine optimization and marketing campaign of your business website.

We launch full-fledge advertising campaigns to spread and share your business message with those who are already your buyers and those who are likely to be the buyers.

We are expert in on line shopping services and Pay Per Click campaigns for you.

Social Media Marketing is the area we are very good at. We spread your business on all social media that ultimately increases your sales.

Why Systems Junction?

We are proud to claim that we are equipped with all that is necessary to enhance your business through our Internet marketing. Our competitive edges are:

  • We are equally good and convenient with the entrepreneurs and already running businesses.
  • Along with traditional ways of advertising, we also focus on behavioral re- targeting and bring those customers who have left you.
  • We intend, plan, and ensure quality traffic for your business.
  • Our Social Media champions can make you popular within short period of time through targeted and extensive campaigns.
  • Getting flavor of success at reasonable prices is what makes us unique from our competitors.



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