How to fix your site, if you violate Google’s quality guidelines

About a year ago we received ominous news in our Google Webmaster Tools. We learned that our site violated the webmaster guidelines Google backlinks to our website. In short, because there were a large number of links to us in abandoned forum and even a mouthful, porn, we were labeled as spam and our Google ranking.

Why we got banned?

Good question. We’re not sure. We know that we have been marked as bad links, but none of us have been posting our links to such sites nefarious. Find our link on many forums dust-deserted forum where spammers after thousands of links – potentially put there by a competitor.

We found that created unnatural links, due to the lack of understanding of the guidelines. More than anything the algorithms change all the time; and what we thought was good in 2011, has become problematic in 2013.

Google offers the following link systems, intentional or not, can have a negative impact on the ranking of your site:

  • Buying or selling links that pass PageRank
  • Exchange links excessive (“you gave me a link, the link you can”) or partner pages exclusively for Crosslinking
  • On a large scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links
  • Using automatic programs or services, to create links to your site

Add to them, associated with many unnatural links that I can find.

Yes, by several different methods, such as we do, you may find yourself in a situation where you don’t know why you are banned, but you just have to eat those sour grapes and dig site from the hole.

How we have a Scarlet S deleted?

We started with a list of red letters. That is, we had to identify as many links “bad” How can we detect and either try to get the links removed or apply “nofollows” them. Below is an account as we did.

How to find the links to your site

webmaster tool

Go to Google Webmaster Tools-> > traffic-links to your site. The first table on the page shows the number of backlinks. Click “More”.

link to your site

On the next page, “links you can download more samples,” sorted by date, as an Excel file or to drive Google.


This is a screenshot of the very long file with hundreds of links that we had to work through. Each of these links should be compared with Google’s guidelines.

google guidelines

We visited each of the 8,847 links. About 60 percent of them are hurting our Google street cred and needed to be removed.

First we have worked through thousands of links or so, as we did. When we started in 2011, we are badly connected subsidiaries, advertising, forum signatures, article directories and other such things that have meaning at the time, but now they are contrary to the guidelines of Google. We can remove it, which can, and then under known or nofollow-ed the rest.

NoFollow is to add rel = “nofollow” attribute to the tag <a>, which communicates with Google that this link should not affect the target links rankings. If you want to learn more about NoFollow and Google, get it from the horse’s mouth.

Then we can get in touch with site owners WhoIs.net, contact forms, email and social media and just asked them to remove the links to our site.

We were able to eliminate almost 70 percent of harmful compounds. Then we added the rest of the bad connection to disavow the Google tool.

But after sending several requests about Google crawling the negative standing of our site, we only have an automatic response from the Google’s Webspam team, that our website continues to violate the guidelines.

site messages

Although I still need a negative response from Google, we see a nice increase in traffic as a result of our mirrors better. Therefore, we will continue.

I’ve looked at our mirrors again but still the ban. It turned out that despite many site owners deleted links to our home page, links were still in the report “links to your website in our webmaster tools, and i do not know whether or not they are considered to be deleted or not.

We felt deadlocked, which at the moment, our array of mirrors worked fine, and did not understand what was the reason for continuing the ban.

It was recommended that we send our case to the forum Google products, and surprisingly, we have a very useful response from Google’s Webspam team representative. I found a few backlinks from way in 2011, may have been considered unnatural, even though it does not show in our reports in webmaster tools. He replied that in a thread on the forum, providing us with real links as examples.

Below is a copy of the email Google sent us on our request for reconsideration:

We have renewed with forhttp://www.quoteroller.com/owner of the site.

We went through links to your site, and still believe, that some of them are outside our quality guidelines.

Sample URLs: [SIC: URLs]

More detailed information about the status of your site, visit the action statement in webmaster tools. From there you can request reconsideration of your site again.

If you have any questions, please visit our webmaster forums-help.

All the examples that he cited included anchor links from our target keywords. So we have to review all of our mirrors and power only knew them from low quality sites. The rest, we didn’t have to touch, as it makes no sense.

Time, had at the beginning of August 2013, Google announced a new feature that must have helped us a lot-owner’s manual the viewer in webmaster tools. We thought we were cool, “take action manual on unnatural links instead of the ranking of the site in its entirety.” It seemed that the prohibition of such mirrors would not have a negative impact on our website already, and the ban will be lifted soon.

Our first instinct was to stop doing something and just be patient, but we decided to go for broke and sent several requests to turn our website.

We have three times more negative reactions; but fortunately, each of them an example of crime links. Question, websites to remove these links or know them yourself. We have made every effort to find similar links and include them as well.

Finally, after a year in the position of an abandoned, we received notice that the manual spam is cancelled. The decision to continue working even when we thought Google to take care of it fully justified itself as we have seen healthy growth in this period by removing and wipe. Not later than one week after the ban on raising organic traffic increased 30%. It continues to grow, and we are now at the top of our search results.

manual actions

How to avoid being banned?

  • Do not try to cheat Google. Magic wizards Google are smarter than you and ever-changing not only to block fraud, but also to make it fair for everyone involved.
  • Check out the links to your site. At least for us is organic Google traffic the main traffic after a referral. This is essential for our company, we can from these search results about twice a month.
  • Keep up to date with the guidelines of Google. Knowledge is power. Try to check it about once a month so you can use one of the lines that you have and update the website and mirrors to avoid, is prohibited.
  • Admit that you’re wrong. If something goes wrong with your SEO, Google, youâ € ™ re sorry, understand his mistake and not do it again. They will more likely to advise how to fix everything.
  • Then, after you the portion above, focus on the content, no links. When the content is high quality, good connections will just fall into place.

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