Driving More Traffic to Your Website

Driving More Traffic to Your Website by Simple SEO Steps

If You want to drive a large amount of traffic to your website, you need to be on the
first page when people search for keywords relevant to your business. Most people only look at the first few listings on an Search Engine Response Page.


Google Search Result Page

All search engines have an algorithm that determines which websites will appear first in searches, and which will be placed farther down the list. This algorithm includes elements like fresh content, keywords, videos, meta-tags, links, and title tags.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process help with a website’s placement in the search engines result page

Remember, the search engine is trying to find the website that most relevance to the search keyword(s), and it’s your job to provide that to the search engine and make sure your website is understood by search engine.

The main things that weigh into your score are:

URL/Domain Name
Meta Information
Images on the site (alt-text)

SEO is a difficult and complicated process, but there are simple steps you can do to boost your website traffic.

1. Include your keywords in the domain name and/or url

Have exact the keyword in your domain will clearly tell the world what your website is about.

2. Make each of your webpages unique

Search engines rate each of your page separately, therefore, it’s a good practice to have separate page for each of your key services and products. Name each of your page wisely to include keyword for that page.

3. Use meta description tags

Meta-tags are the code behind the web page to tell search engines what your website is about. Write attractive tags with relevant Page Title, Page Description, Keywords will boost your SEO.

4. Add keyword-rich title tags and footer links to every page on your site

Use (but don’t overuse) keywords throughout your content, and avoid
repetitive wording.

5. Add video to your site

Most search engine algorithms rank video
highly, and your video will show up in video-specific searches that
will have much less competition than general keyword searches

6. Create social bookmarking

Create social profiles for your website,e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and link them back to your website.

7. Get back links

Submit your website to online directory, classified ads and press-release. It will create back links back to your website.

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