Comparison Between Men and Women For Using Social Media (Infographic)

Certainly you have heard the old, oft-quoted saying, “men are from Mars, women are from Venus,” used to indicate the fact that men and women may not always likes & dislikes or do’s and don’ts. While this optimistic statement isn’t taken accurately, when it comes to the virtual world of Internet interactions, similar reactions may be formed surrounding the different ways men and women use social networking.

While the majority of adults in the US are plugged into some sort of social media outlet, not all of them are used in equal measure, and not all of them are used by both genders equally. For example, the average Google+ user spend just three minutes per month on the network, while the average Facebook user will spend 405 minutes per month updating statuses, posting pictures, and checking out others’ accounts/profiles.

So what can be learned about men and women in the world of the web? As is turns out, men and women tend to take over very different social media networks. The following infographic takes a look at some of the differences between male and female-dominated social media sites: How many users each one has, as well as how they interact.

Social Gender Infographic


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