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Benefits of Digital Marketing

The only way you haven’t hear of digital marketing is if you have been living under a rock! For those of you who have access to internet and social media you simply must have come across some form of advertisement […]

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Business Still Not on Facebook? Get Up to Speed With These 4 Steps.

In only 10 years, Facebook has changed the way businesses promote to customers. In these days of multi-channel marketing, you can’t run a small business without having a Facebook presence. No matter whether you use Facebook personally, chances are, your customers […]

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Comparison Between Men and Women For Using Social Media (Infographic)

Certainly you have heard the old, oft-quoted saying, “men are from Mars, women are from Venus,” used to indicate the fact that men and women may not always likes & dislikes or do’s and don’ts. While this optimistic statement isn’t […]

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