Benefits of Digital Marketing


The only way you haven’t hear of digital marketing is if you have been living under a rock! For those of you who have access to internet and social media you simply must have come across some form of advertisement online. That is all part of digital marketing. Digital marketing is simply put, an online advertisement of products and services, across search engines and social media; which helps in business growth, competition survival and generation of greater revenue. Many businesses are reaping the benefits of digital marketing via digital marketing strategies and tools. It’s especially helpful to start up businesses or small scale businesses gain popularity and provide easy access to a larger audience. With the evolution of technology and human society, following are 7 major advantages of digital marketing:


Leveling the online playing field: Digital marketing brings small and medium size businesses on the same playing field as those of recognized brands by having a chance to attract their share of target audience. Small companies have the resources to perform sales and marketing like never before.


Cost effective: Digital marketing is cost effective especially across social media platforms. Think of all the money your company could save by making a website or a FB page rather than printing posters and renting banners. This is especially a life saver for small businesses that have little resources and limited capitalization.


Digital marketing helps keep track: Online marketing helps you keep track of sales, traffic generated and leads. Online marketing can measure your success via the no of followers, subscribers, Likes, sales and leads. This can give you an idea of where you stand and help you comprehend the competition better.


Interaction with target audience: Customer feedback is very important. It can help you mold your product or services in a way that appeal to the audience more and online marketing provides an opportunity for business to interact with their audience across platforms like social media and helping them earn engagement points.


Brand Repute: Digital marketing helps build your brands reputation and persona across multiple platforms. Delivering on what you promise with help you gain your audience’s trust and your social media accounts can act as you brand ambassadors, creating customer loyalty and generating greater revenue.


Greater revenue and Better survival chance: Digital marketing provides tons of profitable benefits which ensure the survival of your business in the current market, as the world had globalized due to internet and keeping up with the latest trends is essential for survival given the vast competition in today’s world. According to Google companies using digital marketing have 2.8 times more revenue generation and 3.3 times better chance of growing as a business.


Digital marketing is the best way to ensure your business’s survival, growth and achieving brand status. Digital marketing relies on highly targeted traffic which isn’t necessary a greater traffic, but surly delivers results and that’s what counts. Targeting the right kind of audience and delivering effective results is what digital marketing is about, hence it’s the best way to ensure business survival.



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