5 Steps to Help You Become More Delegate in 2014

Every year, people set off the New Year with a resolution that’s most likely alike to one made in previous years. And every January, there’s a new promise to having it actually work this year.

Here’s the issue: People who make these “improved” resolutions aren’t actually committed to changing who they are on the inside. So these resolutions — whether it’s getting in shape or growing a network or improving output befall simply a test of determination.

What requires to be done instead is a true change of viewpoint: Who you are, why you are here and what life actually means to you.


The fact is, once you make a decision to look at yourself in the mirror every day and obligate to holding yourself liable to be the “best you” you can be, in that case all of your ambitions and resolutions become more easily achievable. That’s because the actual change is happening from inside. The self-harming habits start to reduce and self-belief, self-esteem and confidence increases.

In life we have command over one thing only — our perspective. Despite of what happens, you can train yourself to see the good or lesson in everything that is happening around you. This can make your feel empowered instead of incapable in many situations.

As a successive entrepreneur, I’ve implemented these phenomena with the purpose of creating a more positive perspective, both professionally and individually. By following them, you can take control of your life and get empowered to live the life you truly desire.

1. “Someday is Today.” Stop delaying and creating excuse for why you can’t have what you want. Take control. Declare to yourself “someday is today” every day, to grab the day and wipe out an excuse mentality.

2.”Have More Fear of Regret Than Failure.” Remind yourself that the feeling of regret is so much worse than trying something (even if it doesn’t work out) and living with no regrets. Realize fear is an illusion that holds you back. By doing so, you will set yourself free to live to your fullest potential.

3. “I Only Have Good Days.” Keep in mind, the only thing in the world we have control over is our perspective. You can decide to adopt a constantly positive perspective and find the good in everything. Or you can be negative, and attract more negative things into your life. The phenomenon “I only have good days” reminds you to see the positive for a better outcome.

4. “Opportunities Lie Within Every Problem.” It can be tough to dig deep and find the positive, particularly when tackled by challenges. But if you choose the positive, you will find the opportunity and nuggets of understanding in every obstacle that presents itself in your life.

5. “Live With enthusiasm and Purpose.” Stop asking “what should I be doing” and start understanding “who you want to be.” What do you want your legacy to be? As you reflect, you will begin to recognize your purpose. That will make it easier to live with more enthusiasm and stay further away from unnecessary and tiring disturbances or tragedy. Recognizing your purpose and living with enthusiasm is the most reliable way to be empowered all day, every day.

Keep these phenomena handy. Perhaps post them on a mirror or wall so that you will be reminded how to “mentally reset” when you fall into old patterns and perspectives that can sabotage your best efforts. Empower yourself to have a happier, more rewarding and victorious life. Then this year really can be THE year to reach your goals and live the life you wish.


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